Dr. Shuiting Ding
Civil Aviation University of China

Lecture Title: Challenges and Strategies for the Deployment of Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Lecture Summary/Abstract:

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is the main driver for the decarbonization of Aviation Industry before the Mid-Century. Based on natural resources endowment, Each Country has its own way of accelerating the Deployment of SAF. In China, we have explored a new path for SAF, which is based on non-food cellulosic materials. And in order to stimulate SAF supply and enable SAF markets, new certification procedure based on Standard Combustor and Standard Engine, has been developed. This simplified procedure combined with clear and recognized sustainability standard will maximize SAF supply and demand. Nevertheless, Systematic Innovations based on life cycle and industry chain will promote the deployment of SAF.


Dr. ShuiTing Ding is Director of Beijing Key Laboratory of Aircraft/Aeroengine on the Safety of Complex Technical System, Director of Tianjin Aviation Equipment Safety and Airworthiness Technology Innovation Center. He established the first undergraduate major of airworthiness technology and management in China and published the first Chinese monograph in the field of aeroengine airworthiness. Through the lead in an aeroengine alternative fuel project, he developed the key technologies for the airworthiness of alternative fuels for general aviation and relevant achievements were recognized by EU and approved for China-EU sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) project. Then he collaborated with top-ranking organizations such as Safran and ONERA to develop a China-EU SAF safety certification standard. Focus on the safety of aero-engine complex systems and certification of new energy and propulsion system, he has won 2 Second-class Award for National Technology Invention in China.